Seattle Brick Removal - Small Brick Structure Demolition


Project Overview

Here you have a small brick structure in Seattle that was part of an old pool house. What we did to remove this old brick structure was first lay down our landing zone. We measured the height of the brick chimney to its peak and added a few feet on that to be safe. We then measured the same distance from the the base of the brick out to where it would fall. Laying down some old mattresses and blankets to stop the brick from damaging the concrete and away we went.

We tied rope around the very top portion of the brick chimney and had four guys pulling the rope toward our landing zone. While they pulled to ensure that the structure went the right way, one of our brick removal specialists broke down the spot where the brick structure would fulcrum. With a little muscle and some shoving the brick demolition was complete.

Now that the structure was down all that was left was to haul away the brick from the back and load the brick into the truck. Once it was all loaded, the truck driver left for brick disposal, well brick recycling. The brick removal crew swept up and the job was completed. After all was said and done, the cost was roughly $600 to this brick removal job in Seattle. If you would like to have a brick removal estimate or have our team come help you please call us at 1-877-404-5865 or book online.

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