Yard Waste Removal Renton

Project Overview

Here is a Renton yard waste removal project. The customer had cut down branches and brush from around the yard. The cut down yard waste had been sitting on top of the ground for so long that it began to re-root itself.

Initially we walked around the home to see what the scope of the yard waste removal would entail. Once we knew how much space the yard waste would take up in the truck we talked to the customer. We gave her an estimate based on the volume it would fill up in the truck. She liked the price so we began to pick up the yard waste.

Once it was all loaded in the truck we realized that the volume the yard waste filled up in the truck was lower then the estimated volume. What this meant to the customer was that the price was lower than expected to haul away the yard waste from her Renton home to a yard waste recycling facility. If you need yard waste removal in Renton please give us a call at 1-877-404-5865 or book online.

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