Kirkland Brick Removal - Pile of Brick on Driveway

Project Overview

The Kirkland brick removal customer had a contractor remove all of the brick from a backyard structure and had left it in the front driveway. We arrived onsite where we gave the customer an estimate to pick up, haul away and dispose of the old brick.

The customer was happy with the quote, so we loaded all of the bricks into the truck. Once we were done we gave the customer the bill and swept up the dust from the brick pile.

We drove off to have the bricks recycled at a special rockery recycling location. If you are interested in using Busby Junk Removal for our brick removal services in Kirkland or any of the surrounding areas, please feel free to call, email or book an appointment online. The phone number is 1-877-404-5865 or book online.

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